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Engineering College in Bangalore

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


    To fulfil the basic needs of the people and raising their standard of living, there is a great demand of energy through out the world in general and developing countries in particular Conventional resources of energy such as coal and oil are depleting.
To meet the ever increasing requirement of energy there is a great need to develop new resources of energy at affordable price.

    Hence there will be always market of trained electrical personal for maintaining the existing resources of energy and doing research and development in the field of energy.

Restructuring of power sector across the globe has challenged the power engineers to run the power sector across the globe has challenged the power engineers to run the power is the call of the day.

Installation and commissioning of flexible AC transmission system with the objective to carry more power across the same transmission corridor is an emerging trend to power system where the power engineers are having potential areas to work. Thus, there is bright future for electrical engineers in the years to come.

Year Of Admission: 2017 -2018
Engineering (4 Year Course) I Year II Year III Year IV Year
Tuition Fee 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A

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*      Quality coaching & Training for over all development
*      Residential program & Constantly updated curriculum
*      No mobile phone inside campus
*      Ever Improving Infrastructure - Largest Cricket stadium,Foot ball ground
*     Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus & off campus