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Engineering College in Bangalore

Computer Science and Engineering


    Computer Science and Engineering Computers and computing are an integral part of our lives today. Computing is revolutionizing the process of research, development and discovery in all fields of engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to increase as computers become more broadfly accessible.

Best Computer Science College Bangalore

    Mean while, the foundations of computing also continue to change at a dizzying pace. New technologies, such as many core processors, mobile computing, and cloud computing are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges are emerging as computer sceince becomes increasingly multi disciplinary.

Leading-edge skills in Computer Science are in demand by employers across a wide range of industries.

A strong Computer Science department is essential to provide world-class researchers who prepare students to contribute to the advancement of society which are provided in our college.

Year Of Admission: 2017 -2018

Engineering (4 Year Course) I Year II Year III Year IV Year
Tuition Fee 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A

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*      Quality coaching & Training for over all development
*      Residential program & Constantly updated curriculum
*      No mobile phone inside campus
*      Ever Improving Infrastructure - Largest Cricket stadium,Foot ball ground
*     Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus & off campus