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Engineering College in Bangalore

Civil Engineering


     Civil Engineering is a people-Serving profession, concerned with the planning, design, construction and operation of large, complex systems such as buildings and bridges, water purification and distribution systems, highways, rapid transit and rail systems, ports and harbors, airports, tunnels and underground construction, dams, power generating systems and structural components of aircraft and ships.

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    Civil engineering also includes urban and city planning, water and land pollution and treatment problems, and disposal of hazardous wastes and chemicals.

The design and construction of theses systems are only part of the many challenges and oppurtunities faced by civil engineers.

The recent revolution in computers, communications and data management has provided new resources that are widely used by the professional civil engineer in providing safe, economical and functional facilities to serve our society.

So our department of civil engineering is excellency suited to meet the ever changing requirements of engineers with the course that combine with the study of computers, management etc.

Year Of Admission: 2017 -2018

Engineering (4 Year Course) I Year II Year III Year IV Year
Tuition Fee 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A 1,63,000 P.A

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*      Quality coaching & Training for over all development
*      Residential program & Constantly updated curriculum
*      No mobile phone inside campus
*      Ever Improving Infrastructure - Largest Cricket stadium,Foot ball ground
*     Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus & off campus